I haven’t tried them out and probably won’t bother with them, at least for now (as dedicated ROM zips are still abundant & available for my devices). Back in the Pie era, it is LineageOS with added features (except signature spoofing). In the A10 era, they brought in signature spoofing support, perhaps in addition of making a non-enforced Vanilla/GApps distribution. However, as there are no further news about its development (it’s stuck at A10), it can be considered dead. However, it’s fine to assume Reloaded is dead as there are no further up-to-date official and/or stable builds. A former featurefest ROM in the Pie era & the first microG-compatible ROM I’ve ever used.

Custom ROMs have been around since the early days of Android smartphones. They allow users to customize their phone’s software to their liking, and many popular phones ship with a custom ROM preinstalled. However, with the increasing popularity of Google’s Android version and the recent release of the Oneplus phone, it is unclear what the future of custom ROMs will be. Many users are now content with the https://airflowtemperaturecontrol.com/unlocking-the-full-potential-of-your-samsung/ stock Android experience and do not see the need to install a custom ROM. Additionally, bootloader unlocks policies on new devices are becoming more restrictive, making it harder for users to install custom ROMs. Custom ROMs may become less popular in the coming years as users move to newer, more polished versions of Android. CrDroid’s versatility in allowing for personalization stands out among its other features.

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If you have a compatible device, this custom ROM is highly recommended. Communities like XDA developers are very well organized, reliable and behind there are usually quite friendly people. In them is a wide range of sub-forums for specific devices in which we can find information on how to update each device. The Potato Open Sauce Project is designed by a team of Indian developers who have adopted the potato as their choice of name. Moreover, it offers a clean and minimal UI and camera and battery enhancement.

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